Stage Like a Pro

How to Jump-Start Your Home Staging Business

No need to stumble your way through the marketing jargon or worry about how you’re going to snag that first home staging client, my friend. I’ve got you covered!
You’ve done it! You’re now the proud owner of a Home Staging business. That’s wonderful, and you should be thrilled that you’ve taken the steps to turn your dream into a reality.
So, what now? Learning how to start a home staging business and then getting it done is critical, but it’s also just the beginning. Why?
Well, achieving the home staging certification, getting the license, registering the business name, or opening the checking account are accomplishments, but those actions don’t magically make eager clients appear at your doorstep shouting, “here’s my house…stage it now, please!”.
That would be nice, wouldn’t it? You know, if the business just automatically came to us because we got some education behind us, printed up beautiful business cards (with a snazzy business name, too), checked off the legal requirements, took a deep breath and got ready to conquer the world. Well, the world of home staging, anyway.
how to start a home staging business

As a fresh, new owner of a home staging business there are more questions than answers, and at the top of the list is, “How in the world do I market myself, my business, to a client when I don’t have a portfolio of staged homes?”

Well, what if I told you, my friend, that I can show you not only how to get your home staging business off and running, but exactly how to create a real portfolio of staged projects, AND get raving reviews to go with them.

Not only that (although just having those projects under your belt would be ah-mazing), I will share my secrets with you, those hard-earned jewels of home staging knowledge that I learned the l-o-n-g, slow way. Why should you have to stumble and bumble your way down the home staging business road when I’ve got the answers for you, based on my own successful six-figure company.


I had the pleasure and great privilege to have had the opportunity to work for, learn from and be mentored by Candi Randolph for several years while she was in Southwest Florida providing excellent and much sought-after staging services through Simply Designed.

She continues to be an incredible mentor and sounding board for me as I have begun my own staging firm here upon her move back north. I highly recommend her educational abilities and would encourage anyone thinking about staging as a business to utilize her program and services.
Susan Hendrickson

How to Start a Home Staging Business the Right Way

Stage Like a Pro marketing and business development package
When I started my Home Staging business in 2013, it took me almost 2 years to land my first client. I had a real estate license, owned a small interior decorating company, and my husband was a residential builder, so there were leads and contacts for me, no doubt.
But home staging is like any other business. A potential client wants to see what you’ve done, review your past projects, read glowing reviews, before they’ll commit.
Add to that the nature of the home staging niche, which can take so many different shapes and is not a black and white, “do it this way and you’ll succeed” kind of business.
Sure, there are a number of fine and reputable associations and organizations, both local and national, that you can join. And they’re helpful for networking, gathering ideas for documents, garnering some intel regarding pricing, seeing what others have done, and generally confusing the heck out of you!

Snagging that first client or two is a huge hurdle to jump. Uncertainties about pricing, presentation, documentation, and marketing strategy muddy the already murky waters.

My story has a happy ending, though. I did indeed gain that first client, finally, and looking back on the project I can see how many mistakes I made with it! But I got through it, and eventually that 1 client became 2, then slowly I found a 3rd.

Over the next year projects and referrals increased, then snowballed and grew into a 6-figure income-producing business for me for several years, until I made the decision to relocate to a different part of the country.

I decided to sell the business and move to online-based income-producing ventures. But, I will always love home staging, and so I decided to create a business to help new home stagers start off on the right path, one that will get them moving forward with clients and a portfolio of staged properties much quicker than I experienced.

Ivory Rose Stage Like a Pro!

Marketing Magic for New Home Stagers

You need effective marketing materials in order to snag clients, and a huge pool of potential clients are “swimming around” in real estate offices. Yes, realtors are an ongoing source of possibilities for you, if you know how to market your home staging services to them.

Homeowners planning to list their home for sale are another source of potential clients for you, as are residential builders and investors.

You need to get in front of them, personally, digitally, or through email, market your services quickly and effectively, and then follow up consistently.

Let’s tackle this together!

The Ivory Rose Stage Like a Pro! Package for new Home Stagers gives you the tools, insights and step-by-step guide to create a real portfolio of staged properties with glowing reviews from satisfied clients, as well as a strategy for growing your business with simple, proven techniques.

new home stager workbook - Stage Like a Pro

1) The New Home Stager Workbook

~ how to create your portfolio and get positive reviews, without having any clients - up to 6 staged properties - yes, it can be done!
~ do's and don'ts of purchasing staging inventory - learn from my mistakes!
~ why you need to have a signature style - it really DOES make a difference!
~why pricing a home staging job is not an exact science or standard formula - I'll share my philosophy and show you my pricing system
~ why you must have a reliable inventory tracking systemfrom Day 1 - even for the smallest job!

licensed photo file comes with Stage Like a Pro

2) Home Staging Project Photos

A collection of Before and After photos from real home staging projects that I will give you permission to use in your marketing materials.
~ 8 sets of before/after images
~ 4 square images
~ 4 vertical images


When my business was a fledgling “home staging baby” I desperately wanted professional-looking images to show the impact of home staging, and they were just not available to me.
Sure, there were a few images offered as part of the resources from the staging certification site I had used, but they weren’t top notch and honestly, were pretty boring.
And of course, you can’t just go and use the pretty images from other sites, because we all know that’s illegal and just plain wrong.
You’ll have the ability to use my images via the license I’ll provide, and they’ll help you immensely as you build your website, Facebook business page, social media marketing and more.
Many people need to see the visual before they’ll truly understand a concept, and these before/after images will help you conquer that hurdle.
And of course you won’t pass them off as your own, you’ll be using them as examples. It’s a win-win!
home staging marketing plan

3) Home Staging Swipe Files

~ Introductory, follow up, and proposal email samples
~ A presentation script to give you confidence and prevent those awkward stumbles and bumbles that inexperience can cause
~ Additional helpful and practical tips to put the email templates into action
~ A zip file of Facebook ad templates

Stage Like a Pro!

Total Value of the Workbook ($119), Swipe Files ($99), & Licensed Images ($199) = $417

Your Price:  $79

Candi is very knowledgeable in the area of home staging and has had many years of doing staging to get at the level she has, and have the success she has had, in her business of home staging! She is extremely professional and has a natural eye for design.

I enjoyed my time working with you and consider you a colleague I trust in the home design world!
Wendy Weber-Brunson
Leasing Consultant & Real Estate Associate

But wait...there's more (of course!)

Bonuses that are included with Stage Like a Pro
Of course, I have some bonuses for you, too, because I like you 🙂

BONUS #1 (Value $99) A two minute promotional home staging video that you can use to augment your presentation, place on your website, on your Facebook business page, or wherever you see fit. It’s very versatile and you can use it as you wish.

And, I will personalize it with your company name and contact information…for FREE. I’ll send you an email after your order is finalized, asking for the pertinent details.

Here is a sample of what your video will look like. It’s professional, engaging, informative, shows beautiful examples of real home staging projects…and it is free with your purchase of the Stage Like a Pro! Package

BONUS #2 (Value $79): Top 10 Things I Wish I’d Known as a New Home Stager I want you to be successful with your business venture, and am sharing my top home staging business tips with you to give you that extra push!

The more practical, helpful, useable information you can get your hands on, the more your opportunity for success increases. You want to get your hands on this, my friend. I sure wish someone had offered it to me as a new home stager!

I understand that as a new business owner you don’t have piles of money just waiting to be spent. But I also know this from experience as an owner of several businesses, local and online-based:
It takes money to make money.

You don’t have to invest thousands of marketing dollars to see a return in your home staging business. But you do have to spend something.

Because I fully understand the hurdles you face and also have lived the experience as a new business owner with a teeny tiny budget, Ivory Rose Consulting services, including Stage Like a Pro! are very affordable.

Who am I anyway? Why should you listen to me?

Candi Randolph creator of Stage Like a Pro
What I am offering you is so affordable you might wonder if it’s for real, or if I’m a real person. Well, I’ll tell you now. Yes, I’m for real.
Visit the links below and learn more about my online and local presence.
I want you to be comfortable with the fact that I’m a real person who wants to help you succeed!

My Local Business

Check out my interior decorating site, Simply Designed Home Interiors, which is my local business in Michigan. I provide design and limited home staging services.

My Projects

You can see my profile and a representative sampling of my past home staging and interior decorating projects on Houzz

My Educational Resources

Explore the online courses, eGuides, printables and more that I offer on a variety of topics.

My Blog

Learn more about what I offer for women in midlife through my lifestyle blog, Inspire My Style


I believe you’re going to love the Stage Like a Pro! package. But if you are not satisfied for any reason, just contact me at within 30 days of purchase and I will refund the price of the basic package.

Please note that the optional services are not refundable.

I worked with Candi on several design projects over the years. She was great with not only what the customer wanted, but also what the space needed. We could do "design on a dime" or the sky's the limit in making a FABULOUS result. Her sense in knowing scale and color palette were immeasurable in creating the final result.

Collaborating with her on projects was not only easy and fun but certainly a win/win for all involved!
Wendy Wagner
Interior Designer

Think about it, my friend.

You’re here today because you need some help with your home staging business, whether it’s brand spankin’ new or you’ve played at being a business owner but haven’t taken it to the next level.

You may be asking:

And if you’re here because the decision has not yet been made about creating a home staging business, I’m confident that Stage Like a Pro! will help you come to the right conclusion.

Why wait one more day? Give yourself the gift of that jump-start and take control of your home staging business.  I know you can do it!

How to start and grow a home staging business

Stage Like a Pro! Total Value of $595 with bonuses is yours for just $79


Yes, you really will. I’ll show you how to think creatively and give you a detailed step-by-step process to follow. It will work for you!

While it’s true that the images are from my staging projects, you are not ‘passing them off’ as your own. You’ll be using them as examples of how a room can be transformed after professional home staging. And that will help prospective clients see and understand the benefits of proper home staging.

You will also be able to use these images for marketing purposes, following the permissions provided to you in the license to use them.

Sure, and that’s not a problem. Every stager will use these images in their own way, on their unique marketing platforms, in their own marketing area.

Plus, I periodically update the images offered to freshen up the file.

Well, the simplest answer I can give you is this: I understand how hard it is to get started in the home staging business. Most new business owners don’t have a lot of money. I want you to be successful and give you a push in the right direction.

And, by making the cost very affordable I will be able to reach more people and put this package into their hands. It’s a win-win!

Absolutely. I believe you’re going to love the Ivory Rose Marketing & Development package. But if you are not satisfied for any reason, just contact me at within 30 days of purchase and I will refund the price of the basic package.

Optional purchases are not refundable.

Yes, it would be very beneficial for you! While you may be familiar with some of the material, I’m guessing that you’ll find most of it to be quite helpful if you’re motivated and serious about becoming a successful Home Stager.

While I can’t take away your jitters, I can provide you with a script that will read easily and naturally. As long as you prepare in advance you’ll do fine. It is general in nature, with the option for you to add specific services as you see fit.

You’ll receive everything offered in the Ivory Rose Marketing & Development package immediately after your payment is successfully processed. It will arrive in an email and all materials can be downloaded.

Your customized Home Staging Marketing Video will be created and sent to you via email within 72 hours of receipt of your company details. Most of the time we’ll be able to get it to you in less than 48 hours.

I am quite flexible and can help you think through a project, set up your inventory system, review your marketing plan, or anything else you feel less than confident about.

We can have a telephone discussion, communicate via email, or a face-to-face on Skype/Messenger, etc.

You can order an hour at a time, 1 hour minimum, paid upfront through the Ivory Rose Consulting sales page. If you decide to purchase additional consultation time, I’ll bill you directly for that.

I don’t have control over your service area, the economy in your service area, and what you ultimately choose to say or do. I don’t have firsthand knowledge of your home staging skills, intuitiveness, and overall motivation.

So, I can’t guarantee your absolute success. But I can tell you that if you follow my tips, guidelines and suggestions as they are presented, you will set yourself up for a successful home staging career.

Optional Services from Ivory Rose Consulting

Are you looking for some additional guidance and assistance with your Home Staging business?

I’ve got you covered!

Consider these optional service add-on’s to Stage Like a Pro!

Option #1:Four Training Videos Learn from me as I stage several different projects, including a vacant resale, vacant and partially furnished home staging, and occupied stage.

Watch a home staging project from start to finish, beginning right at the warehouse.I have some practical home staging tips that you won’t find anywhere else, just in these training videos.

Cost for the video collection: $79

Combine the Training Videos with the Stage Like a Pro Basic Package and save 20%   LEARN MORE!

Option #2:Virtual Consulting Services – one-on-one with me for additional guidance, feedback and how-to’s

Cost for phone, email, or video communication: $99 per hour

You can purchase virtal consultation along with the Stage Like a Pro! package or as a stand-alone service. You are welcome to purchase additional consultation time at a later time, too. I’ll invoice you directly for that.

If you decide to utilize this service, I’ll send you an email with further details after your purchase is finalized.


If you are not satisfied for any reason, just contact me at within 30 days of purchase and I will refund the price of the basic package.

Please note that the optional services are not refundable.